Turbo Attax F1 Trading Cards

Also known as Formula 1, F1 is an international racing sport and also happens to be the highest level of professional motor racing contests. Topps brings you Turbo Attax 2021/22 F1 cards; which gets you closer to your favourite F1 drivers. And if you’re the F1 fan you think you are, Topps Turbo Attax 2021/22 F1 cards have to be amongst your most prized possessions. Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Räikkönen, Max Verstappen, or Fernando Alonso; be the first among your friends to collect them all! Topps Turbo Attax 2021/22 F1 cards come in a variety of different packs like Smart Pack, Game Pack, Multipack and Bonanza Pack. All these packs come with two exciting gameplay options; ‘Circuit Race’ and ‘Race to the finish.’ Each pack in the Multipack consists of 20 Turbo Attax F1 cards including 1 assured Limited Edition cards, 2 Gold Foil cards, 5 Holo Foil cards along with 12 regular cards. Turbo Attax Game Pack consists of 30 Turbo Attax cards: which includes 2 assured Limited Edition cards, 2 Gold Foil cards, 6 Holo Foil cards, and 20 regular cards. Along with the cards, the Game Pack also features a game mat and binder. The 101 F1 cards in the Smart Pack includes 4 Assured Limited Edition cards, 5 Gold Foil cards, 20 Holo Foil cards, and 72 regular cards. Topps Turbo Attax Bonanza Pack features a total of 175 Turbo Attax 2021/22 cards. The pack includes 5 Assured Limited Edition cards, 7 Gold Foil cards, 30 Holo Foil cards, and 133 Regular cards. Also, look out for Drivers cards, Live-action cards, Flashback cards, Team duos, Foil Superstars, Limited Edition cards and more. Collect most of these amazing Turbo Attax 2021/22 cards, and get a lead on your friends!