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For a long time, WWE superstars have garnered immense following in the Indian subcontinent. Over the years, they have become a familiar name in most households with kids and teenagers. As a result of their passionate fan-following, WWE cards have become one of the most popular games for kids. Topps Slam Attax brings you the most sought after WWE trading cards. Topps Slam Attax is back, and it’s better than ever. The biggest, the strongest and the best, they’re all here in Topps Slam Attax 2021/22 WWE cards. Topps Slam Attax 2021/22 is an exciting card game for kids who are fans of the WWE universe. The Slam Attax 2021/22 WWE cards feature the biggest, strongest and best WWE Superstars. With its wide range of collections, Topps Slam Attax 2021/22 brings the action from the ring into your living room; getting you closer than ever to your favourite stars from the WWE universe. You and your buddy can play Topps Slam Attax WWE Cards 2021/22 for the championship. To win the championship title, you’ll have to win maximum rounds by defeating your opponent. Topps Slam Attax WWE cards come in a range of different packs like Multipack, Smart Pack, Carry Box, Flow Pack, Collector Game Pack, Roman Exclusive Tin, Super Pack, and many more. There’s also a whole range of offerings under Slam Attax Reloaded like the Super Game Pack, Carry Box, Smart Pack, and Collector Game Pack. Topps Slam Attax also features WWE Buildables in packs of 2, 5, 7, and 10. WWE Buildables is an extension to the Slam Attax franchise; a 3D figurine of your favourite WWE superstars, approximately 5-inch in height.



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